Cream H0rn Pr0n

DSC_9373 (1600x1060)We gobbled down the last batch so fast we decided to go for more.  These used the same filling recipe as the last ones: cream cheese blended with marshmallow fluff with powdered sugar.  We were looking at different filling recipes, too.DSC_9380 (1600x1060)These are filled with mock cream – it’s blend of butter and sugar with vanilla and unflavored gelatin.  The caster sugar mentioned in the recipe is a superfine sugar that is hard to find.  We found a small cannister of it while looking for some other stuff but you can make your own in a blender or a coffee grinder.  It isn’t what we know as powdered sugar but I’m pretty sure powdered would work, just go by weight rather than volume.  I found the gelatin easily, it came in packets within a box.  Happily, each packet was 2 teaspoons to match the recipe.  The 250 grams of butter was two sticks plus a tablespoon or two.  We still had some cherry pie filling left from the fried pie project and used that to add a finishing touch to the pastries.

I think the cream cheese marshmallow filling is the better of these two.  I have my eye on another recipe that looks to be good.  It is a whipped cream and cream cheese blend that gets a Cool-Whip style topping folded into it.  There’s also a whipped cream and sugar filling that is stabilized with gelatin we may try.

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