Bixby Diaries: I’m 6 Months Old

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I turned 6 months old on Friday. My person says I’m getting to be such a mature puppy. Some days I agree, but some days I just want to run around like a crazy thing. I do try and listen to her cues, which got me lots of praise the other day when a little terrier mix got all up in my business. When I couldn’t make friends, I lay down at my person’s feet and waited until the fuss was over. My person was pleased and that little terrier’s person was impressed.

It really wasn’t his fault, he’d had a rough life to date, but it looks like he has a great person now. I bet next time I meet him on a walk we’ll be best of friends.

On another walk with my person and my best playmate LFern, we met a man who I liked right away. He just had something about him that made me want to meet him. Turns out he works with all kinds of dogs. Trains them to do something called search and rescue. All I know, as he talked to me and watched what I could as we all walked around the park, those dogs must have lots of fun. He told my person I was very smart and had a good nose. Then he gave her a couple of games to play with me. (TaMara’s note: This was a very nice man visiting Colorado to see family. He was really taken with Bixby and watched me work with him and really thought he had a lot of potential. We’ve been having fun with the games)

One of the games my person calls, find. She gets me a treat and puts it under a yogurt container and puts two or three other yogurt containers on the floor and tells me to find the treat. Which is easy, but I have more fun stacking the cups together. Then I eat the treat. (TaMara’s note: It’s hysterical and I’ll try and get video. He stacks them very neatly together and then eats his treat)

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I had a great playdate with Tater again this weekend and later this week I get to meet my new friend, Talos, a big mastiff. He’s had a rough couple of weeks, but he’s safe now with a good person, so I’m very happy for him. (TaMara’s note: I’ll have more on his story and photos by the weekend).

Can I tell you about the cats? I’ve been doing my best to make friends with them (TaMara’s note: well, that’s debatable) but lately they’ve been very mean to me. Two of my favorite people, Larilyn and Alton (not that one) gave me a new bed for my crate. It’s big and fluffy, so big and fluffy I kept falling off of it, onto the floor, the first time I tried to sleep on it. (TaMara’s note: that was funny!) Now every time I want to sleep on it, there a stupid cat on it and I can’t sleep on it because they hiss at me.

Bixby 12 15 14 c

And the other day, Missy and Emma were both swatting and hissing at me and all I was doing was standing next to the table. I don’t know what to do to make them happy. (TaMara’s note: they have been terribly mean to him lately and I’m working on trying to mediate…)

That’s it for it for now. My person says as soon as I hit 100 lbs (I’m 85 lbs now) we’ll celebrate somehow. I’m hoping it’s a picture of the two of us together. I love her  – Bixby

Love you, too, big guy. ❤

Paw print

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  1. Oh, he really is a good lookin dog. Glad to hear he is coming along so well. Training is an on going process and it seems he is into it!! Enjoy your pup.


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    • I think they’ll be better once we move…more space…and he’s bigger and more settled. They are used to full grown Danes who all came to my house seemingly well versed in ‘cat rules’. LOL.


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