A Little Bixby

Apple please

I see you have apples there, you are going to share, right? RIGHT?

Ok, not so little. He’s 6 1/2 months old, but only 95 lbs. I thought for sure he’d be 100 lbs by New Year’s day, but his weight gain slowed considerably the last two weeks. Instead of 5 lbs a week, only 2 lbs a week. No idea if it’s a phase or if this is his new rate.

He is 30″ at his shoulders and easily stands 5′ 5″ on his hind legs. He’s a handful, but training is going well, even though he has hit a very stubborn streak. Apple treats have been very helpful.

Bixby and half months

Just before Christmas, he dashed out the front door twice and took off. Totally freaked me out and I did not react well. But then I realized I never taught him not to dash out an open door, so my bad. It took me less than a day to train him to sit when the door is open and wait for a command before going out the door.

ETA: Forgot to tell you about his new trick of trying to open the door by turning the door knob with his mouth. Deadbolt is always engaged now. And this morning he discovered bananas and they rocked his world. This little fellow loves his fruits and veggies.

Puppies…completely in over my head, but loving every minute of it.

Paw print

4 thoughts on “A Little Bixby

  1. ONLY 95 lbs, *snort* (says the person with the ‘grossly oversized’ Papillon rescues weighing 15-20 lbs). Thank heavens Great Dane breeders have been so careful about breeding for good temperament (which seems, at least in dogs, to be about 70% inborn).

    Has Bixby discovered baby carrots? Not carrot sticks — I can’t taste the difference, but almost every dog seems to — the little whole ones sold in every convenience store & some gas stations these days. That’s an advantage, when you run out of dried apple chunks during a road trip, and you don’t want the mess of bananas. Also, frozen baby carrots are a wonderful summer treat & less messy than ice cubes.


    • He like the full size carrots, frozen (great for teething). He makes short work of them. I do use carrot chips (because I like those, so they are always around) for some training when apples aren’t available. Didn’t think of baby carrots, though, I may try alternating those with the dried apples on walks. I have an order in for the dried liver treats my vet uses, because he flips for them and I’ll add those to the rotation. I’m trying not to have him become focused on treats, but on me while training.

      What saves me (and him some days) is I’ve had 4 adult Danes, so I know a lot of things he will grow out of….but some days…


  2. my dad’s german shepherd used to be able to unlock and open dad’s patio door to let himself out to do his business, then let himself back in and close the door behind him. He would never relock it though…


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