Cajun Crawfish Mac ‘n Cheese

DSC_9668 (1600x1060)I  had a few crawfish tails left over from last night’s pizza I needed to use pretty soon so I had that in the back of my mind as I idled through a few searches this morning.  No one chimed in with an answer for my question “what would be considered a typically Cajun cheese’ so I entered “Cajun” + “cheese” into the search box hoping to stumble across an answer.  What I got were dozens of recipes for “Cajun mac and cheese”.DSC_9671 (1600x1060)This seemed a perfect place to use up those extra tails.  The crawfish already had a goodly amount of Creole seasoning so I added more and minced a jalapeno for extra fun.  Those are the last of my ridged jumbo elbows so I’ll be needing to make another run to the country store.

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