Feeding Bixby

(There will be a flurry of posts…been busy all week and slowly I would write up stuff, but it wasn’t until today that I had photos to go with them….)


Bixby is fed with food puzzles. I use four different toys to give him variety. The problem I’m having is two-fold, one is he’s strong enough to damage the plastic and the plastic is causing him facial issues, including breakouts and scrapes. He was starting to look like Emma was abusing him daily.

I was trying to think what I could do to fix this. I really like idea of meal time taking him a half hour to eat and that he has to work for it.  So I wandered around the farm store

This is what I came up with, so far, it’s working well.

New food dish

He rolls it around and the food falls out fast enough so he doesn’t get discouraged, but still slow enough that it’s a challenge. I thought it was a pretty clever solution. I’ll probably still use the green plate (top photo) and retire the two rolling balls. I also have a 3 QT pitcher that works well. That should be enough to keep him interested.

Paw print

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