Bixby Diaries: Chillin’ an Relaxin’

Chillin' and relaxin'

I looked up from desk today to see the Beast chillin’. That’s fine little one, you just relax while I put in a few more hours to pay for your dog food.

Chillin' and relaxin' 2f

Just a quick update. Bixby hurt his leg last week. I’m assuming from jumping off the couch or bed. How a 140 lb dog can get so much air boggles my mind. But he can leap twice his height from a standing position. I’ve cut down on walks until it feels better. He put more weight on it today, so probably by the end of this week we’ll back to our regular routine.

I special ordered him a 32-inch collar because nothing else fits well. Also a new harness and leash. The leash has a padded handle which came highly recommended for big dogs.

Chillin' and relaxin' 3

He turns 11-months old this weekend. I have his “surgery” schedule for the first week of June. I would have waited longer, but he’s not handling the testosterone well – nothing aggressive – but he is an alpha dog already and add those hormones and it does create some issues. For his bones and muscles a little longer would have been better, but for his emotional success, now is the time. I probably don’t have to tell you that after what happened to Missy, I’m more than a little anxious about this. It will be a long day.

Yesterday, he was literally in the dog house (his crate) after dragging me across the yard to see the Great Dane next door. He knows dragging is a no-no. I was working at my desk and every once in a while I’d hear this big SIGH and then he’d blow air out his big jowls – his version of pouting. I love this dog. Can’t believe he’ll be a year old soon.

Paw print


5 thoughts on “Bixby Diaries: Chillin’ an Relaxin’

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  2. He is a handsome lad! I decided to do the same thing with my big black lab. I would have like to waited a little longer before his surgery, but his testosterone was off the roof and so was his behavior. He’s still goofy and a little wild, but he has calmed down a great deal. He recovered from his surgery within a day. Keeping his from jumping and running was my challenge. Good luck! (I love big dogs – the bigger the better!)


    • Thanks for the reassurance. He’s my first intact male, so this whole thing is new to me. Puppies, testosterone, yikes, rescuing is so much easier LOL. Glad to hear yours is still goofy and a little wild. A friend of mine was all worried neutering was going to alter his personality drastically. But I can tell when he’s being Bixby and when he’s Bixby on ‘roids. Love Bixby. ‘Roid Bixby is out of control. 🙂


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