Gadget Post – Beer Can Chicken Rack

DSC_0451 (1600x1060)We are really late to this, although Mrs J does remember cooking a chicken using an actual beer can, but it has been a good long time ago.  I ordered this one from Amazon and am a tad dismayed that the tray isn’t really big enough – it nearly filled with juices making it hard to move without spilling some.DSC_5351 (1600x1060)Here it is mid way through the session.  Note the “running chicken” pose – I really didn’t notice until later but it didn’t make much difference in the cooking.DSC_0444 (1600x1060)I mopped on some sauce towards the end, the high sugar content in the Sweet Baby Ray’s adds some nice char to the skin.DSC_0447 (1600x1060)Here’s half of it with some of the beans and a nice coleslaw.  The slaw dressing was pretty good – mayo with a good slug of creme fraiche.

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