Monday: Playing Hooky to Lunch with Friends and a Recipe

Bixby 7 27 15I was hoping to get a picture of Bixby with LFern’s mom, Miyako, who stands all of five foot tall, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it without endangering her. Bixby was much too happy to see his company. Meanwhile, an out of town visit from anyone’s mom is a good enough excuse to play hooky, go to lunch and follow that up with ice cream. I actually did get some work done today, but there will be a couple of long days to make up for the rest. It was worth it.

summer pasta salad

JeffreyW puts together an easy pasta salad: fresh veggies, cold pasta and tossed with oil and vinegar.

I have a little different version, a Greek Pasta Salad (recipe here) with black olives and feta cheese. Perfect quick dinner on a hot night. That’s the great thing about pasta salads, you can mix it up and create a different meal easily.

We are suppose to cool off a bit later in the week but I’m still thinking I’ll keep the meals light and cool. And cold pasta salads are great for that.

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