Bixby Diaries: Mountain Adventures

Fire Effects

Fire damage from a few years ago.

LFern and family own property up from a canyon that was hit hard by the 2013 floods and the 2012 fires that turned their property into a moonscape. I used to go up there for some peace and fresh air, but hadn’t made the trip since the fires. I was glad when we went up this past week it was showing signs of recovery.

My birthday was last week and because I have amazing friends, I was besieged with requests to go have some fun. My only desire was that we did something that would give Bixby an adventure. I’ve been feeling that my schedule has left him bored of late. Everyone was happy to oblige.

Where is the puppy

Let’s play find the puppy.

Adventures we had. First we went to visit his buddy Kodiak, then grabbed a picnic lunch and headed up to the canyon for some mountain time. This was Bixby’s first foray into the woods and he left no doubt this was an amazing exploit. Four hours later we took an exhausted dog back down the mountain and he slept most of the next day.

Beautiful boy

“Is that a bear I smell?”

We hiked a bit and then picnicked by the stream. As anyone who has followed Bixby’s diaries knows he loves water and his very own creek was pretty much heaven for him.  He also got to see his very first cows, as they were Angus, fairly certain he thought they were related. He of course then got to snack on cow snacks. Sigh.

Bixby's Big Stick

There were really big sticks to try and fetch. Almost impaling us in the process.Fire RenewalI loved this view, the wildflowers looking like an avalanche of snow.

Here is a video of his adventures – it’s a little long, because to be honest, it’s really for me. I love this dog. He was so good and never once tried to run off. He was content to play within sight of us.

Later in the week, friend Larilyn and I went up to Estes Park where Bixby walked around the big park and played in the reservoir. We may do that more often, since it’s not that far from here. The rest of the week was filled with company coming over. He had a great time. I’m sure he now thinks every week should be like this.

He did two things this week that remind me of how awesome he is and reaffirmed what was clear when I first met him. He is very intuitive and adjusts his behavior accordingly. My neighbor is rather frail but likes to give Bixby a scritch when he sees him and Bixby sits and gently leans on him as he scritches. This is not the case if he thinks you are in fine health, besides trying to just bowl you over with his size and enthusiasm, he still wants to jump up on you. We’re working on it.

Tired puppy

Exhausted puppy sleeping next to my desk at the moment

The other event was as we were walking the other day, we came upon his “girlfriend” a beautiful yellow tabby that loves him as much as he loves her. She comes running whenever she sees Bixby walking down her sidewalk. You can hear all the neighbors on the block do a collective “awwwww”. We met up with a woman and her ten year old son, who had stopped to scritch the kitteh. Her son had some physical disabilities and was unable to speak, but his eyes got really big when he saw Bixby and he got the biggest smile.

He wanted to pet Bixby and I reluctantly agreed, worried that Bixby would be over-enthusiastic and knock him down. I shouldn’t have been worried, Bixby sat nicely, let his new friend feed him a cookie, hug him and love on him. He didn’t budge, didn’t wiggle, just became this young boy’s sturdy friend.

All and all, except for the interruption of a migraine, it was a terrific birthday.


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