Random Wildlife

PICT1714 (1600x1060)Some pictures taken by a wildlife camera we have in what we call the north yard.  Here is a coyote coming…PICT1716 (1600x1060)…and going.  We see coyotes fairly often and since they have been reported to take cats as midnight snacks we try our best to gather all our critters before dark.PICT1731 (1600x1060)This is from a few days later.  It’s early morning and there is some light from a not yet fully risen sun but not enough to trigger the camera’s switch from night to day settings.PICT1732 (1600x1060)

PICT1756 (1600x1060)It’s a day later in the afternoon when these turkeys browse their way past. They eat pretty much whatever they can find or catch.