Bixby Diaries: Life with Cats

tired puppehTired puppy is tired. He’s still blowing his baby coat, but where his adult coat is coming in, it’s a stunning shiny, soft, black.

Tomorrow Bixby will have been here thirteen months. He’s fifteen months old and weighs a whopping 150 lbs and still growing. He’s getting to be such a big, calm, sweet boy.

Stealth Kitty

People ask, why so many pillows on the bed. I reply, so the cats don’t get hair on the ones we sleep on. Jake laughs at my good intentions and foils my plans.

For reasons that I’m not clear on, the cats interactions with the Beast have changed significantly. Jake has decided it’s time to teach Bixby about “Jake Rules”. They have stare downs across the kitchen floor, Jake walks over Bixby in the middle of the night to curl up next to me and for an 18 lb black panther, he generally intimidates Bixby when ever he wants. As far as I can tell, Bixby loves the attention.

Puppy in the tall Grass

Puppy loves his tall grass.

Bixby and Zander are the babies of the family and play as such. They have no use for us oldies. Zander not only tolerates the big wet nose, he encourages it. They play together when I blow bubbles or get the “red dot” out. And most nights they sleep close together.

Afternoon hike 1

View from the trails today

Emma and Bixby are a whole different story. While she still sleeps next to him, most of my day is spent separating two bickering kids. She teases him until he’s whining and rolling on the floor next to her, so all that hear while I’m trying to work is hissing, spitting and whining. In the evenings, when Emma is lying on the couch next to me, Bixby has gotten into the obnoxious habit of trying to sit on her. That never goes well.

All in all, they are the light of my days.

Hot puppy

Hot puppy is hot. Wonders why his idiot person took a big, black dog out on a walk in the middle of a sunny day. In my defense, it was only 71 degrees out.

Hike 2

Great hike today, saw a Bald Eagle and an Osprey, and of course the beautiful views.

Paw print

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  2. I always seem to post the same comment about Bixby but he is a handsome lad. I just love big dogs. I have a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab and they are so much fun and lovable.


    • Thank you. They are just the best aren’t they? Bixby’s best friend is the little Chihuahua next door, and I adore her, too, but give me a big dog any day.


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