Farmer’s Market

20150912_102111 (1600x1060)A front came through and dropped the temps to a very comfortable level so we decided to give the local farmer’s market a visit.20150912_102131 (1600x1060)I don’t think I’ve ever seen these little orange tomatoes – sun sugar is the name on the card if you can’t read it in the photo.  Everyone had zucchini!  LOL20150912_102150 (1600x1060)I had to bite back a giggle when I read the product name on the sign behind her – “MommaBear’s Goat Milk Soap”.20150912_102223 (1600x1060)Not too many dogs this time, and I was using my cell phone in the bright sun so I passed on a few shots I might have gotten with a viewfinder camera.20150912_102307 (1600x1060)Lots of green beans, and this vendor had a good looking basket of yellow beans, I bought some of each.  I think I have some kidney beans to make a three bean salad.  Yum!20150912_102343 (1600x1060)These guys have been there every time we’ve gone and they always have great looking produce.  I bought some of those tomatoes you see on the end of the counter to the left and several cucumbers.  The tomatoes and cucumbers were going to go into a vinaigrette together with a sliced Vidalia onion but the cucumbers were so pretty I went another way with them:20150912_123121 (1600x1060)If I had known my own mind in time I would have looked for fresh dill but I made do with dried dill I had on hand.  These are a simple refrigerator pickle recipe, 2 cups water, 2 cups white vinegar, 1 tablespoon each of salt and sugar along with sliced garlic, a bit of turmeric, and the dill.  A couple of good pinches of dill, maybe a tablespoon.

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