Bixby Diaries: Ruff Week

Bixby 9 17 15

A brief update with lots of photos. It’s been a sad week around here as one of Bixby’s playmates died suddenly this week. I hugged him a little tighter today.

Rough week

Puppy is tired. He hurt his back leg on Tuesday. Nothing terrible, but when it didn’t clear up on Wednesday, the vet gave him some meds and it knocked him out. I gave him one more dose today and I found him like this. Well, except for he was actually lying on my briefcase, so I exchanged it for a pillow. He didn’t even notice. Still waiting for his big boy coat to come in on his belly and face. I think the cooler weather will hasten it. He looks a little silly with his bald spots.

Crazy eyes1

We managed a nice walk this afternoon and he was much better, but we’ll take it easy the next few days. If I could get him to stop leaping up and off things like he was part gazelle, part mountain goat, these things probably wouldn’t happen.

Crazy dog1

Having a Great Dane means you’ll always have something to laugh at. I took him to work this week because I’d been leaving him home a lot while helping another friend with some stuff. He really has settled down and I was able to actually get work done.

Bixby 9 17 152

I have learned if he can carry a stick with him, he is very well behaved. One day we were out on a walk and he found a ‘stick’ and insisted on carrying it home. It was about 3-1/2 feet long and three inches around. Still had branches and leaves on it. Nothing stops traffic quite like walking down the street with an extra large dog who is carrying a small tree.

Paw print

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