Nice Day For It

20151011_132330 (1600x1060)Some friends from out of town dropped by to help thin the fish in our front pond.  It was a beautiful Sunday with clear skies and perfect temperatures in the 70s.20151011_133415 (1600x1060)This fellow worked with Mrs J back in the day at a local electrical generating plant.  He is still in the same work but he moved upstate to another station.  A fine fellow, smart and hard working.  He does talk a lot but he will stop long enough to laugh at himself when contradictions that arise in his patter are pointed out.20151011_144819 (1600x1060)He came out with his brother along.  Not as garrulous, he seemed much more intent on fishing and that certainly paid off:20151011_144603 (1600x1060)The bluegills are doing well, reaching an excellent size on average, but the largemouth bass are nothing to brag about.  They do make good eating at that size.  The pond was stocked originally with these two species, and also channel catfish but the cats don’t as readily reproduce in ponds and they have since been caught out.  The last ones to be taken from here reached ten pounds.