Bixby Diaries: A Stick Is A Stick, Unless It’s A Tree

Bixby 10 29

Bixby is settling into being a charming, sweet boy. Our walks are filled with lots of petting and leaning (if you’ve ever had a big dog, you’ll understand that). A few days ago we were at the ponds and he was swarmed by small children who were all petting him at once. At one point he looked over at me with a look that clearly said, “this is how it should always be” before flopping on the ground, rolling over and letting the kids pile on him. I held my breath (and his leash) worried the puppy would make an appearance, but he was a perfect gentleman. He made a bunch of new friends.

Our neighbors cut down a tree and had a nice pile of wood ready for disposal. On the way home from a walk, I picked out a nice sized one for Bixby:

Action shot small stick

And then Bixby picked out one:

Bixby and Big Stick

Clearly my stick was lacking. His has come in handy, I used it the other day as a lever to move a heavy object. Bixby prefers it as a chew toy.

Bixby and Big Stick2

And you may not have it. Ever. As you can see when I tried to take it away, below:

Bixby NO you can't have my stick

Speaking of taking things away. I’ve had to start throwing things away when he is not looking. This week he destroyed his bed. He loved his bed, but I was not going to have stuffing everywhere. I knew I was going to have to change out beds when he wasn’t around, because he was not going to let me take it away. So we went to the local farm store and I bought him a tough canvas bed that they promised he couldn’t chew through. I put it in his crate and then before he came back in the house, I took his old bed out to the trash. I saved the cover in case he wanted something to gnaw on and put it in the crate with the new bed.

It did not fool him. He refused to sleep on his new bed all day…until Emma decided she would sleep on it, then he HAD to have it. Those two.

Today I was cleaning out his toy box because something had to give. I pulled out just a few things that I decided to get rid of, but forgot it needed to be discreet. I took them out to the trash and when I came back, Bixby paced and whined at the door. I can only assume he wanted to retrieve his missing belongings. I finally had to distract him with a trip to the store. Crazy boy.

Bixby Was that the new puppy

I’m not sure what we’ll do for Halloween. I’m not sure I can handle wrestling the Beast every five minutes when the doorbell rings. I’ll have to give it some more thought. I know some of the neighborhood kids want to stop by just to see him.

BTW, do you know what’s better than a stick?

Bixby prefers a tree

A tree. If it has leaves still attached, he’s on it and we don’t go anywhere until he’s had a good chew…and then he usually ends up carrying it home. This one was small, so I felt lucky.

He’s an awesome dog. ❤

Paw print

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