Mac ‘n Cheese

DSC_1329 (1600x1060)Mmm… mac ‘n cheese.  I made a small batch of this a few days ago, mostly with a chili combo in mind.  I got lazy and skipped the roux and the white sauce to stir the cheese into, just warming half and half in a sauce pan and melting cheese straight into that.  That worked very well so this batch went the same way.DSC_1332 (1600x1060)It takes more cheese to thicken the sauce when you skip the bechamel step, and I’m kind of thinking that’s the point – to save on the most expensive part of a dish that is seen as cheap comfort food.  I just made a small batch, enough to fill two of the little casserole dishes, what I lacked in volume I made up in quality.DSC_1325 (1600x1060)I dug around and gathered several kinds of cheese, Velveeta made a nice base, then I stirred in Gruyere, cheddar, Parmesan, and provolone.  The topping is panko with melted butter and a bit of Parmesan.  Yummy!

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