Bixby Diaries: Fall Leaves and First Snow

Bixby This Walk Interupted

This is mostly photo updates today. Bixby loves his walks and this fall he discovered leaf piles. I think last year we were so busy just growing up and exploring the world, he missed the whole idea of jumping around in a big pile of them. Our walks are often interrupted by a random pile of leaves he must jump in and dig through. My neighbor thinks it’s so cute, he makes a pile for him every day or so.

Sick Puppy 2

I had to run some errands this week that took us near the vet’s office, so we popped in for a weigh-in. The big guy is 153 lbs and so skinny I’m thinking I’ll be adding a cup of food to his day. But today, he is not himself. He’s got Great Dane Tummy – something he got into has upset his digestion and he was up all night last night going in and outside. No food today and rice tomorrow should clear it up.

Sick puppy

Poor baby. He’s been in that spot all afternoon. That’s the one thing about Danes, they have the digestive system of a nervous Chihuahua. It doesn’t take much to mess them up.


I finally got him to take another paw-in-my-hand shot. He rarely holds still long enough for me to get one, but in the bunch I took this time, there was one that wasn’t a blur. For comparison, here is the first time I did it, and here is the second.

Bixby Nov 2015 Paw

We had our first snow yesterday and as you can imagine, he was completely excited by it. He spent a good ten minutes racing in circles and nosing through it. As last winter came to an end, he would find the few snow drifts left and plop himself down in them, clearly disappointed there were so few left. So I knew he would be very happy when we went outside yesterday morning.

That’s it for this quick update. He’s doing great and maturing quickly. He’s a joy to take on walks now. The concept that if he is gentle and calm he receives lots of love and attention has taken hold, thanks in part to the many strangers who want to stop, talk with me and give his ears a scritch. The scritch soon turns into a full body snuggle, as the Beast is like all Danes, show him some attention and he quickly uses you as a leaning post. No one seems to mind.

Sleepy Puppy 11 10 15

Paw print

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