Mmm… soup and warm bread on a cold day

DSC_1626 (1600x1060)This is the last of the beef from the Christmas dinner, we had a full slice of the roast wrapped in foil that we didn’t get around to so I cubed and tossed it in with the last of the ox-tail red wine jus to make a beef and barley soup..  We did make another store run yesterday and they still had some of the rib roasts on on sale, single rib only.  We bought a couple at a good price and vac sealed them for sometime later.

I’m starting to worry that my bread machine is slowly losing steam.  A dark rye bread I made in it the other day was still pudding in the middle when the machine beeped done, and today’s plain white loaf didn’t brown well, at all.  I buttered it all over and browned it in a hot oven.