Boulder Bombers Roller Derby

Roller derby Ostrich socks

Last week we went to the roller derby. It was one of those things on my “always wanted to do” list. And I gave serious thought to actually trying out…then I remembered how fricking old I really am and my better senses took hold.

Roller Derby 1

We had a lot of fun, but it wasn’t as rough and tumble as we were looking for. We are hockey fans, so I think as we discussed it, we all agreed it wasn’t quite the excitement we craved.

These teams are part of the Flat Track Association, which allows for inexpensive set-up and take-down. Thus allowing more people to participate. Roller Derby 2

There were some very impressive moves and talented skaters. We probably won’t go again, but enjoyed the evening. I would still like to experience a Banked Track bout someday.