Chicken in Tomatillo Sauce with Rice

DSC_1758 (1600x1060)

This was easy enough, I found a recipe for a guide but it mainly reinforced the notion that anytime you think of a nice meal idea someone else has already been there.  I used chicken thighs, browning them on both sides in oil before removing them to make sweating down the onions a little easier.  I added a can of whole tomatillos, a pint of tomatillo salsa, and some stock to the onions.  Add the chicken thighs back and simmer them long enough to easily remove the meat from the bones.  Recombine the shredded chicken with the sauce, stir in a slurry of corn starch and simmer to thicken.

Serve the chicken in the sauce over white rice.  I like a little sour cream on a salsa verde, and the fried strips of corn tortilla go nicely with the dish.