20160224_105616 (1600x1060)We had this happen a week ago – a heavy, wet snow that left quickly.  Here’s hoping it is the last gasp of what has been a mild winter.  [Knock on wood!]PICT1633 (1600x1060)

Squirrels!  We’re keeping an informal count and these eight are the most we’ve seen in one of these photos so far.DSC03224 (1600x1200)Kittehs!  This new volunteer needed to take a load off during her first day on the job and the kittehs found her irresistible.MrsJ with puppy (1600x1060)Puppeh!  This is a young girl that was found wandering around and was brought in to St Francis.  They consider her a stray and have her on hold for a while.  Mrs J says they will hold her for 7-10 days and then they’ll consider her as up for adoption, if the owner can’t be located