IMG_1280(1600x1200)This is an older photo, I may have put it up before but I can’t be bothered to look.  I use photos as a desktop background on my main computer, set to shuffle pictures in a slide show that changes once a day and this “Old Man Puppy” came up today.  It may be a girl, dunno.  The wisp of chin hair lends him, for me anyway, a gravitas that you don’t see in puppies very often.  I went through the folder I have set as a default for the slide show and found it.20160418_170354[1](1600x1200)Fried rice and egg rolls.  I wish I could say that the egg rolls were as good from the freezer as they were when we made them fresh.  I’ve had worse.  The rice was from a box mix that was leftover from a chicken rice soup project.  The soup was OK, sorry – no pics!  I went with a recipe that had a nod towards hot and sour soup with a dash each of vinegar and soy sauce, with a touch of sweetener but no tofu.  Plenty of garlic and fresh ginger in there, too1.20160419_172348(1600x1200)We were busy most of the day with yard work, mowing and weeding and such.  We lost one of the recently planted cherry trees so we replaced it.  We didn’t find the same variety but the one we did get is compatible as a cross pollinator with the others. 20160409_121127(1600x1200)Mmm… pork BBQ with slaw and sides of potato salad and baked beans.DSC03304Here’s an adult female that St Francis took in from another shelter that was needing the room.  She 2 years old and very friendly, mixes well with the other cats and she seeks out scritches from the humans she meets.  Mrs J says they are calling her Pappy. (Poppy? Peppy?)