Container Garden

DSC_5453(1600x1200)My container garden is back on track after a late freeze took out most everything.  I have various peppers going on these two benches.  My knees won’t let me tend to things if they are too low but these benches bring things up to a comfortable height.  There are cherry tomatoes in the two containers at the left, and some regular sized tomatoes in the big planters on the upper level in the back.DSC_5454(1600x1200)I have herbs and garnishes on this bench: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme along with chives, sweet basil, oregano, and Thai basil.DSC_5452(1600x1200)Mrs J has been busy, she does the flowers and has a ton of them out wherever there is an open spot amid her perennials.DSC_5455(1600x1200)We are a tad early with the hummingbird feeders but there are a couple of males that have arrived.DSC_5458(1600x1200)I can name a few of these but I think it best not to even try.DSC_5456(1600x1200)



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