Beef Braised in Red Wine

I thawed a smallish beef roast for Sunday dinner today, and went with a recipe from Epicurious.  It took a little prep before it was ready for the oven, chopping veggies, browning the roast, sweating the mirepoix down, reducing the wine and so on.20160501_113225[1](1600x1200)This is at the “add tomato paste and cook for a minute” stage.  The recipe calls for particular wines that will work well but I used the red from a gallon jug of Gallo.  It seemed to do quite well enough.  I remember grabbing that jug from the supermarket shelf and heading towards the checkout.  I had to pass a young lady passing out samples of a decidedly more upscale wine to get there.  We eyed each other but refrained from any eye rolling on my part or smirking on hers.20160501_145957(1600x1200)This is about half the roast as it came out of the oven.  If my hands hadn’t been greasy I might have more photos. 20160501_144341(1600x1200)Pretty good flavor!  The green beans and potatoes were a leftover from yesterday, I did cook some carrots just to add a little color.


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