20160508_170005(1600x1200)Mmm… baked penne, using the last bag of frozen cherry tomatoes from last year.  Here’s hoping for a plentiful harvest this year.20160511_155959(1600x1200)Here’s a friend of a friend with a just caught bluegill.  It’s a pretty big one!  No photo tricks here where the fish is held out towards the camera at arm’s length.PICT4893Here’s a red headeded woodpecker, sharing the seeds with a cardinal.tired puppies(1600x1200)Puppehs!  Mrs J just sent me this from the shelter.  Nap time!20160510_123255(1600x1200)Ginger is showing an appreciation for the hummingbirds.  Various containers of flowers are scattered about, Mrs J has been busy.  It’s early yet – they’ll really be gorgeous later on.20160429_131019(1600x1200)And a sammich.  This one was garnished with some of the fancier lettuce varieties but I really prefer shredded iceberg lettuce for this.  Yeah, I just shredded any hipster cred I had.  Get thee from my lawn, you tittering child.