DSC03392 (1600x1200)Cora is a very pretty 2 year old and mixes well with the other cats at the shelter.  She would make someone a nice kitteh. (hint, hint)20160517_170121(1600x1200)We’re quite fond of corned beef.  This one was done in a 300 oven with the carrots and potatoes in an inch or so of water in a small roasting pan covered with foil.  It took about 4 hours.20160516_123207(1600x1200)I am quite fond of these sammiches.  I remember my first one done in this style – it’s been over 40 years now.  A friend’s wife made some for lunch during a visit I made to see him, he lived a good ways upstate.  I can’t recall exactly the precise make up but I do remember her dousing the veggie topping with the vinaigrette.beagle puppeh(1600x1200)Here’s a beagle puppeh, the sole survivor of a litter that was born to a dog that belonged to an old dude that lived, and died, alone.  The neighbors organized a rescue of the animals that were left when they realized he was gone.  A note of grace in an otherwise sad story .20160515_160415(1600x1200)Winner winner chicken dinner!  We love us some wilted lettuce salads.  Cook some bacon, add vinegar to the drippings, some water and sweetener and bring to a simmer.  Pour the dressing, still hot, over chopped lettuce and crumble the bacon into it, toss to coat.  Mrs J always adds chopped green onions to ours.20160514_182511(1600x1200)More chicken!  I wish I could fry chicken and have it come out this well.  This is from the Kroger deli.  It’s very good.  We pretty often buy an eight piece when it looks like we’ll be too busy to cook.20160515_121039(1600x1200)I was mowing the other day and was atop the pond dam when I noticed these two Canada geese.  I stopped and fumbled my phone out of my pocket to grab a photo.  Camera phones are decent for close ups and panoramas of vast landscapes but the zoom feature kinda sucks, at least on mine.  I do better taking the shot at the default setting and cropping the result a little.  The geese didn’t fly but they did swim to the other side when I got closer.