DSC_0574(1600x1200)I was looking for rib photos yesterday and saw this one in my Flickr photostream from last July.  I searched W4D for the image, to no avail, so here it is, just for the record.  Reminds me – I need to make some slaw.20160520_121853(1600x1200)Sammich pr0n!  Cold cuts and cheese on a “bake it at home” mini baguette that has been par baked.  All they need is 10 minutes or so at ~400-ish.  It has chopped lettuce and some of my homemade giardiniera. 20160521_154627(1600x1200)Baked beans!  I went with the 12″ skillet because I added a can of canneli beans to my usual recipe.20160520_170348(1600x1200)Mmm… sliders.  I used some store-bought buns for these.  I bought them to see if they were any good and am pleased to say that they worked very well.DSC03488 (1600x1200)Mrs J’s sewing nook.  I think she took this picture for her Facebook page.  Everyone needs a hobby.Katie on squirrel watch(1600x1200)Katie keeps a watch out for squirrels.  She is surprisingly quick but the squirrels are too near the trees for her to have any success catching them.20160521_160001(1600x1200)Here are some of those beans as a side with the bacon dill potato salad to go with the grilled chicken.