Daydream Believer: 50 Years (Oh My Gosh I’m Old)

Clearly,  I am over-tired and stressed, as I teared up while listening to the surviving members of the Monkees this morning. They were talking about their 50th anniversary tour and still mourning the loss of Davy Jones  – almost 4 years ago – and teared up themselves wondering how they can still sing this song on tour. How do they? They play this video and have the audience sing along:

I have so much to do this next week, including getting paperwork together for my mortgage and the inspection on Tuesday, I doubt there will be much blogging (from me) this week. But, fingers-crossed, in the next few weeks there will be lots of new home blogging. Stay tuned.  Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.  – TaMara


Hopefully, I’ll soon be cooking here….



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What's to say? I love to cook and I think families benefit from sitting down together for dinner every night.

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  1. Ooooooooh. Love your new kitchen! What a thrill that must be. Good luck with the move.


  2. Jack's dog momma

    Beautiful kitchen can’t wait to see more pictures of your house.


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