DSC03175 (1600x1200)Here’s a nice kitteh to start with.  Mrs J is running an errand so I can’t ask her for any particulars.20160603_100340(1600x1200)Her flower garden is shaping up nicely.  She has a few perennials but she’s been doing them in containers more and more.  We’re both down in the knees and digging in the dirt is harder and harder.20160527_161438(1600x1200)We had a relatively cool day a while back and it seemed suited to chicken dumplings.  We hadn’t had any for ages.  I’m a spectacular failure at the drop dumpling game so I go with the old fashioned rolled kind, made with an egg. 20160603_100407(1600x1200)Here’s a look at more of Mrs J’s handiwork.  The Eskimo Viburnum, filling the right lower quadrant, is not doing well, it’s been in the ground for a long time and it’s due for a radical prune job.20160603_100455(1600x1200)Here’s a different angle on the same area as the photo above.  The day lilies have busted out.  This is the nesting season for the hummers, they absent themselves from the feeder almost entirely while they raise their young ‘uns but they’ll soon be back.  We’ll end up with five feeders and they’ll empty them every day.  Homer can’t wait for the hummer show, the scamp.20160531_165255(1600x1200)The local Kroger had small rib roasts on sale a month or two ago for cheap.  I bought several, cut into steaks like this they are great on the grill.DSC03154 (1600x1200)


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