DSC_5475(1600x1200)Homer is a tad grumpy over Mrs J turning on the fountain/bird bath.  His favorite perch is all wet now.20160604_162513(1600x1200)We found some big shrimp on sale the other day, I used half of them in a gumbo, along with some of the Andouille we’ve had in the freezer for a while.  Alas, I added the sausage too soon and boiled all the good times out  of it.20160603_121647(1600x1200)Lunch pr0n!  More of the bacon dill potato salad, some of the beans I made the other day, and a sammich of chopped pork with slaw.  In the background is a small bowl of cucumbers and tomatoes in rice vinegar/canola oil vinaigrette.
20160604_115139(1600x1200)A little better look at those beans.  I just started opening cans of beans: Navy, pintos, black beans, cannellini beans, cheap store brand pork ‘n beans – just whatever I could find in the pantry.  The rest of the recipe is the old familiar one with ketchup, bbq sauce, onions and green peppers, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, etc.20160603_133611(1600x1200)Here are some flowers for you.  Mrs J combined several varieties in one big pot.