DSC_5475(1600x1200)Homer is a tad grumpy over Mrs J turning on the fountain/bird bath.  His favorite perch is all wet now.20160604_162513(1600x1200)We found some big shrimp on sale the other day, I used half of them in a gumbo, along with some of the Andouille we’ve had in the freezer for a while.  Alas, I added the sausage too soon and boiled all the good times out  of it.20160603_164326 (1600x1060)We found this fellow enjoying the sun-soaked warmth of the road on our way to town the other day.  I shooed him back into the grass on the shoulder so he wouldn’t be flattened by someone less considerate.  I think it’s a black rat snake but I could be mistaken.20160603_121647(1600x1200)Lunch pr0n!  More of the bacon dill potato salad, some of the beans I made the other day, and a sammich of chopped pork with slaw.  In the background is a small bowl of cucumbers and tomatoes in rice vinegar/canola oil vinaigrette.DSC_5473(1600x1200)We finished the infrastructure at back garden – the spot is surrounded on all sides with aged railroad ties.  Most of the creosote preservative has leached out of these, new ties with fresh creosote are not plant friendly.  We’ve planted some tomatoes, and have a couple of fig trees going in the back that aren’t showing up well right now.  They were started from clipped branches off a more established planting.  Rabbits seem to really like the leaves and twice ate them back before we got the wire up.  Longer term plans include roses.  We are starting them sometime this week, replacing the pepper plant starts in the mid-section.20160604_115139(1600x1200)A little better look at those beans.  I just started opening cans of beans: Navy, pintos, black beans, cannellini beans, cheap store brand pork ‘n beans – just whatever I could find in the pantry.  The rest of the recipe is the old familiar one with ketchup, bbq sauce, onions and green peppers, brown sugar, mustard, vinegar, etc.20160603_133611(1600x1200)Here are some flowers for you.  Mrs J combined several varieties in one big pot.


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