PICT7054(1600x1200)One of the cameras caught me mowing and also managed to get my hay guys doing their thing in the background.DSC03494(1600x1200)This is Pebbles with a few of her kittens.  The kittehs are about eight weeks old and are ready to adopt.20160613_122017(1600x1200)I really like these sammiches.  This one has Lebanon bologna, hard salami, thin sliced turkey, muenster cheese, and the usual vinaigrette dressed salad stuff all in a fresh baguette.DSC03555(1600x1200)Puppeh!  This little one is a chihuahua/schnauzer mix – fresh from a bath.  Mrs J says it is 6-8 weeks old and should be ready to adopt any time.20160614_174937(1600x1200)Chicken pot pie!  Yum!  I made this one in a little 5″ pie tin with a store bought pie crust both top and bottom.DSC03491(1600x1200)Here’s Pebbles taking a break from tending her kittehs.20160611_193857_001(1600x1200)I spotted Homer out in the hay field and was remided of the famous Wyeth painting.


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  1. Thank sammich looks delicious!

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