Bixby Diaries: I’m Two Years Old Today

Bixby is 2 snap

I’m not sure how that happened. Wasn’t he just this guy:

Bixby 2

And this guy:

Bixby Bench

Life with Bixby:

Bixby, get that bone off my couch. He hangs his head off the couch, with the bone hovering over the floor – so technically, it’s not on the couch.

Bixby move your big butt over. He shifts his weight about a centimeter. Thinks it’s good.

Bixby, don’t SIT on the cat! He sits on the cat anyway. Looks at me like, “what cat?”.

Most of the pictures and video are from my cell phone camera. Bixby has developed an aversion to having his picture taken, when I get my DSLR out, he does his best to avoid photos. I have to sneak them in anymore. Poor quality, but some fun stuff.

Bixby’s thinking position:

Bixby's thinking position

He’s been taking the trash (usually cat litter) out to the trash can every morning since he was about 6 months old. Once I got him not to tear open the bag, it’s been his favorite job. The other morning we were on our walk when one of his favorite people ever was taking his trash cans out to the curb. We don’t see him very often because he’s usually off to work by the time we walk.

Bixby loves everyone, but some people more than others – he drags me to see this neighbor. Neighbor says Bixby loves him so much because he’s a big black guy just like him. Could be, or could just be because this guy has such great energy.

Bixby was doing his usual trying to love someone to death and I was trying to get him to continue on his walk. I spotted a large piece of cardboard blown in by the storm and figured I could distract Bixby with that – he loves boxes and cardboard (see video below). I got him over to the cardboard and told him to take it to the trash (it was bigger than him, but he could do it). He picked it up and I directed him over to the neighbor’s trash can. Nope. He dragged me over to the sidewalk and proceeded to walk us two blocks back to our house. Because that’s where we throw our trash. Made my neighbor’s day.

Where is everybody BixbyWhen I came home from the airport, alone, after a week of craziness, Bixby was blue. It’s too quiet now.

Bixby loves his boxes and every twenty or so days, he gets a delivery:

He loves boxes so much, I save a few smaller ones and tape up a toy or bone in them so he can open them again. Of course this can backfire when your Dane mugs the UPS guy for his box on a walk one day (oh, how I wish I was kidding).

Life with a Dane, never a dull moment.

Happy Birthday, Bixby. Glad you are in our lives. ❤ – TaMara


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