Jack 2002 – 2016

DSC_3277(1600x1200)We rescued two year old Jack from an abusive and neglectful owner.  He’s had health problems throughout his life and has always been small for his breed.  When we got him he had no callouses on his foot pads, he had been kept in a wire bottomed cage and never exercised.  His feet bled until they toughened._DSC5202(1600x1200)He once disappeared for over a week.  He and his best pal Buddy took a tour of the countryside, Buddy came back without Jack.  We were losing hope he would turn up but one afternoon I looked out the window and there he was.  We fitted both the boys with GPS collars after that.DSC_3332(1600x1200)

He liked swimming in the pond,DSC_4766(1600x1200)

trips down to the creek with Buddy,DSC_4416(1600x1200)

and runs through the fields in the fall.DSC_4491(1600x1200)

In his last years his eyes clouded over, he went deaf, and his heart started failing.  He found it harder and harder to catch his breath.DSC_3799 [1600x1200]He breathed his last a few days ago.  We miss him.


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  1. I am so sorry. Jack always had a special place in my heart. [[[hugs}} to you and Mrs. J. He may have started out without love and without hope, but his luck sure changed when he came to live with your family. He had all the best a dog could ask for, lots of love, companionship, good treats and fields to run through. ❤ ❤ ❤ Lucky dog. RIP – TaMara


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