20160618_115553Sammich!  Kroger had a sale on deli sliced turkey and I’ve been piling it on.20160615_115337The patio jalapenos are finally getting big enough.  I’ve been slicing them for sammich toppings.20160617_091354My dill hosted some caterpillars for a day.  Two days ago they weren’t there, yesterday they were there, today they are gone.  I have no idea where they headed.  If I remember correctly, they are Swallowtail caterpillars.  (Google says yes!)20160618_085741Random turtle.  She was headed back to the pond.  This one is a Red Eared Slider.20160618_164030Mmm… roasted chicken with steamed broccoli and a wilted lettuce salad.20160619_103712One end of my herb bench.  In the center is Thai basil.  Clockwise from the right:  Italian parsley, thyme, sage, and chives.  In the background are some of Mrs J’s Impatiens.


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