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Emma is not amused

Emma is not amused

I took Bixby for a walk in the new neighborhood tonight and he dragged me to our soon-to-be front door. We’ve only been there once before, but he sure acted like it was his house. Over the months I’ve taken him to most the houses we’ve looked at – and I walk him around the neighborhoods of the ones I’ve put offers on. He’s never had the reaction he’s had to this house. We could barely get him back in the car the first time we let him wander the yard and tonight there was a definite, “we’re home” vibe.

My real estate agent (my wonderful, awesome real estate agent) noticed it right away – even before I caught on – he was different at this house. She was convinced he’d picked it out as ours even before I decided to put the offer on it.

We’ve walked around this neighborhood several times in the past month, but mostly we explored the parks and trails nearby (there are many). Tonight, I figured it was time to park by the house and walk the neighborhood proper. Having Bixby has given me a great opportunity to get to know the neighborhoods of the houses I’ve been interested in. We met several neighbors tonight and I think if it continues to go as planned, we’ll be very happy here.

That’s the update. Keep those fingers crossed that the next ten days go as planned.  Cheers! – TaMara


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  1. TaMara –
    Suspense is killing me! Tell them to hurry!


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