image000001(1600x1200)This wire cage was a part of a live trap, intended to hold bait but keep trapped critters from eating the food.  Seems kind of mean, trap them and then not even let them have the bait for a consolation prize.DSC_3304(1600x1200)The live trap was bought when Katie was on the loose and we had hopes of catching her with it.  We caught Buddy…IMG_0891(1600x1200)…and Jack but Katie was on her guard and never set foot in it.  Anyway, the little cage adapted easily to the feeder mechanism.  I hope to keep the raccoons from destroying it trying to get more corn out of the bin.image000000(1600x1200)Finally some ripe tomatoes!  These are Cherokee Purples.  I’ve heard they were good eating and the big box store had some this spring along with the usual Beefsteaks etc.20160625_170149(1600x1200)More pork bbq with a different potato salad.  We were growing tired of the bacon dill potato salad so I went with a classic mustard dressing this time.  I left the skins on my potatoes because I’m a lazy man.20160621_120504(1600x1200)This is a version of the classic Miami Cuban sammich.  I made the pork with a mojo marinade but sliced it too thick for a sammich when I put it up so I broke the slices up when reheating  them.20160624_174220(1600x1200)I have managed to grill a few burgers this summer.20160619_171125(1600x1200)Contrary to appearances, this is not an all sammich alla time blog!20160622_173330(1600x1200)Mrs J didn’t eat all of her steak so I made veggie beef soup out of her leftovers and served it with grilled cheese sammiches, because that’s what one does.


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