Vinegar Cole Slaw with Turmeric

DSC_1978(1600x1200)I promised yesterday to experiment with yellow slaw and did a little thing with mustard on a slaw I had in the fridge.  When I see a yellow tinge to salads and such I expect to see mustard as an ingredient. I was pleasantly surprised to see this one with turmeric, instead.

The prep is similar to what you might see in a recipe for pickles, and that’s what Mrs J thought when she came into the kitchen as the vinegar mixture was heating in the microwave.20160712_124828(1600x1200)I thought that the slaw didn’t look quite as yellow as what I was after so I added a tad more turmeric.   I think it might have turned even more yellow during an overnight chill in the fridge.  I didn’t have much green pepper, I had a very small one hanging on a patio plant I used and then some of those multi-colored mini peppers from the store.  I used Splenda for the sweetener and left out the onions.  I think some finely chopped green onions would work in this.


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