Sammich Eating *

20160713_133602(1600x1200)You’ve seen it before.  Garnishes fall off your sammich.  Sad!20160713_133813(1600x1200)And you’ve made more than you could ever plausibly fit on it.  Wait!  There’s hope!20160713_133954(1600x1200)With a spoon, a fork, or even bare handed (!) you can assure that there is a pepper in every bite.

(!) – please be sure that there are napkins available on the table, we are not uncouth here at W4D

  • * – This has been a public service announcement

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  1. Oh yeah! Looks sooooo yummy. We had my egg salad sandwiches for dinner last night and they were excellent. They were so thickly made with fresh sliced tomatoes and crispy iceberg lettuce…i had to use a fork! Thanks for your wonderful post.

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