Dried Fruit Breakfast Bars

DSC_1999(1600x1200)Mrs J is always on the lookout for these cereal bar types of recipes and tried out this one that uses dried fruit. I got a notion some time ago that we needed some dried cranberries so I looked on Amazon and found a 5 pound box of them that looked fairly priced, then saw blueberries and cherries from the same source so I bought a box of each, thinking they would keep well enough.  They do keep but we are happy to find recipes that help us use them up.  We even found some of the whole wheat pastry flour the recipe called for at the local Kroger store.  Mrs J tells me that she used 1 cup each of the blueberries and cherries, and 1-1/4 cup of the cranberries, and used pecans in the crust.  She substitutes Splenda for sugar throughout.DSC_1998(1600x1200)I worried that we would mess up the bars getting them out of the pan but they came out of it quite readily when inverted onto a board, note that you should let them cool down before you try this.


3 thoughts on “Dried Fruit Breakfast Bars

  1. These look great. But I think the recipe link is broken. Really want to try them, love blueberry breakfast bars, but store ones are just eewwww.


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