Pie Pr0n

DSC_2008(1600x1200)I had a couple of pre-made pie crusts I bought on a whim.  We went with a beef filling that included carrots, onions, potatoes, and mushrooms.  The beef was from an all day simmer in the crockpot, the mushrooms, onions, and celery were sauteed in olive oil, and the potatoes and carrots were both boiled until tender before being combined with Bisto gravy made with the water the veggies were boiled in.20160801_122645(1600x1200)I like an egg wash on these savory pies, and a good sprinkle of kosher salt.  I baked this deep dish pie for what seemed like hours in a 350 oven and the crust just would not brown for me until I placed it into my toaster oven set to broil.  I gave it a good brushing with butter before it went under.DSC_2010(1600x1200)


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