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I feel like I owe you a house update since I just dropped of the face of the blog there for a while. Just a few pictures of the new house. Until it has fresh paint and some artwork on the walls, we’ll focus on the floors, LOL.

I have most boxes unpacked, but the closets are a disaster. I stuffed anything and everything in them, knowing I’d have to go through them after I was more settled.

The last three weeks have been about the new floors (see Bixby above modelling them). Once they were installed, I could concentrate on unpacking.

Kitchen 1

I actually had the kitchen set up before moving day, so that has been great. At the very least I’ve been able to cook for everyone without too much trauma. Though the first two weeks it was like cooking in someone else’s kitchen, I didn’t remember where I put anything.

Kitchen 2

I love the open corner cabinets. Great place to showcase my Fiestaware and cookie jars. Overall the kitchen is reasonably functional, could use a few more cupboards (it has a plethora of deep drawers) so I’m on the lookout for a tall narrow cabinet to put in the corner. Thrift stores and antique markets are my favorite places to look. I love real wood and old things. Speaking of antiques:

martini bar 1

This amazing piece was a housewarming gift from LFern and her family. They were using it in their family room as an entertainment center. It will live on in mine as same.


When you open the door, it lights up. Although I’m told I’m not allowed to keep it plugged in unless I allow Mr. LFern to rewire it (it has the original cloth cord).


Bixby showing off my radio – found at a yard sale twenty years ago for $50. Still works! Although it sounds kind of weird with adult contemporary blaring from the speakers. Needs some big band.

Bixby 8 5 16

All and all, settling in. Still trying to wrap my brain around buying a house in a sellers’ market. It was probably the most stressful house I’ve ever purchased and at the same time, once all the wheels were in motion and my bid accepted, a breeze.

I’m a bargain hunter by nature, so I have some hurdles to work through in my own mind about the process/purchase. More on that later…I learned a lot of how to cope with a crazy market that I’d like to share.

The garden is up next….then tonight’s recipe exchange…stay tuned.



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  1. Love your new floors and Bixby looks really smart sitting on his new boards.


  2. Love the radio!


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