There’s A Garden In Here Somewhere

Garden 6

The garden is a treasure trove where I discover something new every day. It is also unruly and in need of a strong taming hand. I have many plans. I think I have one of every color of rose, a dozen different varieties of iris, a sweet, healthy wisteria, and little hidden chotchkies all over the yard.

Garden 8

The entire yard has great bones.  Strong and well shaped beds. Stone paths and lots of trellises. It will be fun to work in and beautiful when I’m done. Here are the photos I took today:

Bixby thinks the grape arbor is his own personal fort to hide in. Where’s the Great Dane?

Garden 5

Garden 13

My brother and sister-in-law really helped me out by working hard the weekend they were visiting and taking out all the yarrow and lamb’s ear, which had threatened to overtake the entire yard. Now we can see what else is out there. LOL

Garden 12

Garden 11

Garden 9

Garden 7

Garden 3

Garden 4

Garden 1

Garden 2

As you can see, I have quite the variety. Lots of work ahead.


3 thoughts on “There’s A Garden In Here Somewhere

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    • Boy, you don’t know the half of it. There are a lot of invasives – mint, yarrow, lamb’s ear that I’m slowly eradicating. Then I need to expand Bixby’s yard….but I love to garden and have missed it, so no complaints!


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