20160805_122754(1600x1200)Gabe wears his harness well, don’t you think?  He’s still unable to get onto the couch without help, that won’t be true for much longer.  He tends to stay there until someone helps him down which is a good thing.20160802_135441(1600x1200)Another batch of hoagie rolls, this time laid out correctly.  These are great with the Italian beef I made the other day.  They are also useful for lunchmeat sammiches!  Reminds me – I need to make some slaw and probably more round buns, for the smoked pork.IMG_20160803_172131769(1600x1200)Gabe is trying to play with Homer kitteh but Homie is still wary of the boy.  I think when Gabe settles down Home Boy will be much more receptive.20160805_151713(1600x1200)I mentioned Awesome Sauce the other day.  These 5 half-pints are the result of a five gallon bucket full of tomatoes, simmered the day long with many cloves of garlic, onions, carrots, and a bunch of fresh garden herbs,  It is the perfect pizza sauce.DSC03671(1600x1200)Shelter kitteh!  This is Sadie, a very confident looking feline.  She will make a fine companion to any human fortunate enough to adopt her.IMG_20160719_193408366(1600x1200)Katie and Gabe pause for a minute by the pond.


4 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Gabe is adorable and growing up fast. Seems there is harmony between all others and that’s fantastic. You have soon much energy!!! All the food you’re making is awesome….as is the sauce.

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  2. Gabe is so adorable and growing fast. The couch was my savoir when Bixby was a pup – he wouldn’t get down without help, so I could contain all that energy for 5 minutes and get something done!

    And Sadie is one cat with attitude, she’s lovely, hope she finds a good home.

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