20160806_104706(1600x1200)Homer is still bonkers for the red bug.  The other kittehs will still notice it, and, maybe, give chase.  Homer, however, begs for it and will misbehave if he is denied his fun.IMG_20160804_134844676(1600x1200)It’s easy to get photos of the boy when he is napping.  On the go – not so much.  He has access to so many toys that are new to him but bring back sweet and sad memories for us.20160807_115834(1600x1200)We have to pace ourselves, ration out these BELT sammiches or we might eat nothing else.  I will have to say that this batch of smoked pork is the best:20160806_165253(1600x1200)That long, slow smoke over peachwood made this sammich.  Slaw was pretty good, too.  Feta crumbles add a lot of depth to the tomatoes, seasoned rice vinegar gives the dish even more.20160806_121950(1600x1200)It’s getting to where I can churn these buns out with my eyes closed.  I can’t tout this King Arthur recipe highly enough.IMG_20160723_203921150(1600x1200)One last pic of Gabe, helping Mrs J watch TV.


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