Mmm… Apple Pie!

20160811_150145(1600x1200)Mrs J made one of her Perfected Crusts for the pie.  We love that plastic mat for working dough.  It works great even upside down!  LOL20160811_150203(1600x1200)Gabe is showing some interest in the prep.  Mrs J is bringing him up right.20160811_150500(1600x1200)He likes apples, or maybe it’s just the cinnamon that has his attention.  It does smell good!20160811_155614(1600x1200)Mmm… apple pie!  We bought a bag of raw sugar that works as a sprinkle atop dessert pies and we really like it.  It has the same size granules as kosher salt.


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  1. Beauty of a pie and Gabe is such a darling poser.

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