Chicken Pie

DSC_2012(1600x1200)I nearly ruined this one, I set the oven to pre-heat to 350 but it somehow got bumped up to 425+.  Fortunately I checked it at the 20 minute mark and saw the egg wash starting to burn.  This is with the Kroger ready to go pie crusts.  The bottom crust didn’t quite have enough to cover the rim of the deep dish pan so I tried tucking the top crust in around the edge rather than leave a single layer to burn up.  It seemed to work OK.20160816_123242(1600x1200)The sauce was made with a flour/butter roux with chicken stock added when the roux was cooked through, adding half a cup or so of milk to thin it a little.  It made a tasty gravy.


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  1. Those ready pie crusts are always in my fridge. Really come in handy for fruit pies, quiche and now I just might try your chicken pie. Thanks

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