DSC02956 (1600x1200)Mrs J’s SIL gave us a pair of rooted  fig cuttings last fall.  To survive in our zone they have to be cut back every year and mulched in.  She over wintered these in the basement and planted them in our new garden this spring…20160506_141144(1600x1200)…where the deer or some other critter browsed the leaves.  Cages and chicken wire to the rescue!20160817_102914(1600x1200)They’ve been liking the rain and the heat this summer.  They are making a lot of figs.  We aren’t too sure when they usually ripen or even, for that matter, how to tell when they are ripe.20160817_102931(1600x1200)There seem to be a lot of them coming on so I suppose we will find out.  All I know is that when the sis-in-law brought us the cuttings last October she also brought a bowl of ripe figs.

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  1. Absolutely nothing like fresh figs right off the stem. We enjoyed them for years at our summer home on the Northern Neck of Virginia. Figs grow well here in VA. They soften and turn from green to a brownish color. You’ll know by touching them. Enjoy!! thanks for the post

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