20160826_122634(1600x1200)“Please, sir, I want some more.”  Any hungry pup could as well be an Oliver.20160826_164846(1600x1200)I saw a chef on one of the TV food shows do fried chicken entirely in the oven, she poured canola oil into a suitable pan about an inch deep and slid it carefully into a 350 oven.  I confess I wasn’t paying good attention, she may have preheated the oil on the stove.  Anyway, I let it heat up until the oil was about 350 and then placed the floured chicken (very carefully!) into the hot oil and closed the oven door.  At the 15 minute mark turn the chicken over and give it another 15 minutes.  I used bone-in thighs and they were done after 30 minutes.  20160824_120038(1600x1200)

Sammich pr0n!20160825_092221(1600x1200)This critter caught my eye the other day.  I managed to ID is as a Salt Marsh Moth fairly quickly.  It was just sitting there on the walk in front of the garage.  It was a new one to me as best as I can remember.gabe and melon(1600x1200)Moar Gabe!  Mrs J threw a watermelon rind out for the critters.  Gabe checked it out and sampled some.20160821_170505(1600x1200)The steak was great, as were the rosemary baked potato wedges, but the broccoli was almost too old to eat.  I wish I had left it off for the photo.20160823_164209(1600x1200)Three salads in this photo.  I grilled the chicken and the corn in the big gas grill, nearly burned up the chicken when I turned the gas knob to high instead of off.  Caught it in time to save the meat but the skin was charcoaled.


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