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20160831_110143(1600x1200)We replaced our previous toaster oven with another, slightly larger.  It’s another Breville unit.  It is still rated at the same 1800 watts but adds a few nice touches like an interior light and a much louder beep that announces when the pre-heat period is over and it’s ready for cooking.  The one on the older model was practically inaudible.  The same beep announces the end of the cooking cycle. Oh!  Almost forgot, it has a convection fan to help speed cooking, and to ensure even temps within during cooking.20160831_115516(1600x1200)I set it at 350 for 30 minutes but it needed more, eventually it went to about 45 minutes with an extra few minutes under the broiler to get the browning I was happy with.  The filling was that lamb stew we made yesterday.  Mmm…  This was the first major use of the new oven.  We have done toast, and Mrs J toasted a few bagels.  I was happy to note that my 10 inch cast iron cornbread skillet will fit inside with the door closed.  Yay!


6 thoughts on “Gadget Post – Toaster Oven

  1. Good timing. I’m looking into a good oven now that I have some extra space. I was actually going to go back and search for your first oven post.


  2. There was someone on Balloon Juice going on about how much they used their oven, it turned out to be this one. My older oven worked fine but I had some niggling issues with it. I like this one for the extra room, and for the louder chime, I’m at the point where thunder won’t always wake me:)


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