DSC03724 (1600x1200)This is Roma, she’s 4-5 months old and loves to be petted and enjoys playing games.  She looks pretty comfortable in one of Mrs J’s cat beds.


It looks as if this hummer set off the camera we have overlooking the garage.  This particular camera is fairly new and it’s quite a bit cheaper than most of the others we have.  I like it pretty well, it seems to take decent pictures and I like the info in a strip on the bottom rather than overlaid on the photo itself. I’m not as happy with the way the camera mounts – it snaps into a plastic mount that stays with the tree and doesn’t feel all that secure.

PICT0666(1600x1200)Here’s our fox.  This camera is one of the older models with the picture info stamped right onto the photo.DSC_5524(1600x1200)It’s been a while since Bitsy had a spot in a post.  I never did see what she was looking at but it kept her attention for a couple of minutes.DSC03712 (1600x1200)Here’s Catsanova.  I’m assuming it’s a boy cat, given that name, but I’m not sure.  He’s very affectionate, per Mrs J.  She stressed the very in that description.  LOLIMG_20160830_122536289 (1600x1200)This Chihuahua “blend” loves her some chicken!  Mrs J didn’t catch  her name.DSC03737 (1600x1200)

This is the cat whisperer.  All the shelter cats love her, and she loves them right back.
20160901_112418(1600x1200)We decided the tomatoes were done and cleaned the garden out.  I no longer wonder where all the tomato leaves went.  These were all released back into the wild.  Note that there are no pictures of sammiches or other food in the post.  I didn’t want to squick you out.  You’re welcome!


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